What makes the DRAKEphoto Senior Experience Unique?

Sure there are lots of different choices when it comes to photographers.  It seems, like Starbucks, you can find one on every corner.  So what makes DRAKEphoto unique that would make you choose us for your senior portraits?  This is a great question that we really do want our clients to ask themselves, and us.

We think that this time in your life is one of the most amazing times you will experience.  This is the time in life that you are really discovering yourself, who you are, who you will be.  You are leaving behind the days where you are considered a 'kid' and moving forward into your adult life.  The decisions and choices you make now will shape the direction you move forward in your life. 

Our style is capturing your style.

We get to know you and bring that out in your images.  Photographing with the appropriate lighting to create the mood that is a reflection of your style.  Selecting the ideal location that is a good fit to your personality.

We want to help you capture this time - and capture who YOU really are - and to create amazing senior portraits for you.


  Let us bring out all your different sides

Let us bring out all your different sides

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

We encourage our seniors to tell us all about themselves - how do you see yourself?  What is your favorite music?  Where do you like to shop?  What sports do you like?  Are you edgy, classic, vintage, sporty, quiet, adventurous, playful, artistic?  Once we know some of those things, we incorporate that feeling into your shoot.  Also, bringing items or things that mean a lot to you - your favorite hat, sports equipment, a car, an instrument.  All these things help us to make the experience unique to you!

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Another quality that makes the DRAKEphoto senior experience unique are our locations and setups that are exclusive to us.  This is really important at making the experience special for you.  How cool is it to know you are one of only a few seniors to ever be able to have your portrait captured somewhere exclusive? 

In addition to locations and backgrounds you won't find anywhere else, our amazing new studio now allows us even more possibilities. 

We are always creating new ideas and backdrops to keep it fresh and exciting for all those that we work with.  We love coming up with new and unique ideas to capture your story, and what makes your special. 

This makes the DRAKEphoto Senior Experience truly UNIQUE.