Greg and I always get a laugh when comparing our high school senior guys session vs the girls. He likes to joke that the girls need multiple trips to cart in bags and boxes of shoes and clothes whereas the guys are carrying their items in one hand. It's true, most of the guys just aren't as excited about their senior session. So this very cool thing often happens when we're wrapping up a senior guy's session. He comments something to the effect of "that was definitely more fun than I expected." And that's a compliment that seems small and yet truly is one I love. Greg has this amazing way of putting the guys at ease, giving them the ability to relax and be themselves. This is what his parents want to remember. Not just their son all dressed up for a nice picture but a portrait that captures who he is at this moment in life right before stepping out into the world.

that was definitely more fun than I expected

Congratulations class of 2015!

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