First things first - where do you begin?

So - it's time to get your senior portraits taken, now what?  Many juniors or even seniors know that senior portraits are something they will probably do, hopefully before they get out of high school!  But where do you start?  What do you need to do?  Is there anything special you need to know before you go to your session?

Your Senior Portrait Experience is all about YOU

We believe that your session should really be all about you.  What do you like?  What is your personality?  What can help you to show that through your session? 

Everyone has a certain look that appeals to them - is yours more urban, rustic, modern, classic?  Finding a setting that helps portray that is great.  Pick out outfits that really show off your style, no one wants to be photographed in something that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Do you play an instrument, or do you play sports, do you dance or cheer, is there a favorite car you love?  All these things should be incorporated into your session to help showcase who YOU really are.

More important than anything else - have fun!  You want to have your session show off who you are, and that means to show off that goofy fun-loving adventurous side.