Family Portraits are so important, but what about including your extended family?

We of course believe that family portraits are important for everyone.  We have talked about them in several ways on our blog here.  Whether it is photographing your family through the years, showing your growth, and capturing those memories and special times; or even displaying those portraits in your home.  We feel that family portraits are an important thing for all families, and including everyone.  So that brings up the question - do you include extended family? 

We have been able to do family portraits for families of all types, whether it is just parents and kids, or you include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  These types of extended family portraits are a great time to capture everyone maybe around a big event like an anniversary, or the last grandchild going off to college.

Many of our clients after doing a session like this comment on how glad they are that we were able to capture these portraits with all their family together.  It really creates some beautiful images that everyone is able to treasure for many years to come.