Gizmo the cat is an exotic longhaired kitty from Ohio. His breeder came to the Peoria Expo Garden Cat Show (which is held annually every September). His owner had no intentions on buying a cat, but the moment she laid eyes on him she knew they were destined to be in each other's lives.

Gizmo is now five years old and he has his own Instagram account since he was a kitten. His Instagram consists of cuteness and sharing disapproval of his mom. Of course that is just a joke, but that is one of the reasons why people follow his page and became popular. We constantly joke that he is plotting to take down his owner and take over the world.

Gizmo is a very unique spirit who is loved by many. His owner's love for Gizmo has become contagious in the internet world and it makes her incredibly happy. 

We had a lot of fun shooting Gizmo at our studio! Gizmo definitely has plenty of love and attitude to go around. 

Check out Gizmo's Instagram account