creating your in-home gallery

A beautiful home is not complete without the personal touch of family portraits. DRAKEphoto incorporates art and custom portraiture into the design of your home's interior, so your personal style is infused throughout. Creating meaningful portrait arrangements is one of the most important ways to make your house a home.

Getting to Know You

Our initial consultation is about much more than choosing a setting and a time. We want to take the time to get to know your family—your own personalities and dynamics—so we can bring them out in your session. We will walk you through the session to help us both focus on what you want to capture.

Getting to Know Your Home

Not only do we want to know your family, we want to know your home as well. Sending photos of the potential locations for your portraiture helps us envision the options. Will a series of canvas or metal wall portraits better suit your space than a large single frame? We will evaluate your style and color palette—then brainstorm with you to gather ideas on the types of portraits that will best enhance the space. This is all done before we meet for your session.

Envision the Space

Once your session has concluded and the images are edited, you will be invited to our studio, where we will show you the portraits superimposed over your wall space—so you can see exactly what the finished layout will look like. Our program is perfectly to scale, so nothing is left to chance. You will then select your canvas gallery wraps or “ floating” metal wall portraits as desired—all made in the USA—with no limitations to your design. We can also stylize your images with filters to enhance the color palettes in the room.

The Perfect Arrangement

After you’ve made your final selections, we will send you a hanging template marked with a level line and crosshairs to show exactly where to nail the hooks (which we also provide)—so your portraits will be hung exactly as we discussed.
The most important part of any house is the family it shelters. Enhancing your interior design with custom portraiture will fill this space with the love your family shares.